This provides only a general overview of the student conduct process. For more details, please refer to the Code of Student Conduct, which governs the conduct process. Portions of this process may not apply to situations involving sexual misconduct allegations.

All official summons and notices will be emailed to the alleged/sanctioned student’s UA email account. Failure to meet OSC response deadlines and/or sanction deadlines will result in a hold being placed on the alleged/sanctioned student’s account. Deadlines are calculated in accordance with Code of Student Conduct, Article III.(I.)1.: Computing Time.

Flow Chart

View the visual Student Conduct Process Flowchart (PDF)

Reported Violation

Office of Student Conduct (OSC) receives report of alleged Code of Student Conduct violation(s). Source of report can include: UA officials, students, law enforcement, Conduct Referrals, among others. Determination is made about whether situation warrants imposing interim measures that will be in place for the duration of the conduct process.

If necessary, Interim Measures will be issued while the student conduct process proceeds. (See Interim Measures for more information.)


OSC issues a summons letter to student. Summons letter outlines the alleged violation(s) and next steps in the conduct process.

Student meets with OSC Conduct Investigator to discuss the allegations and potential Code violation(s).

If necessary, a Conduct Investigator may further investigate the allegations, which may include interviews with the accused student and other witnesses.


Conduct Investigator will inform the accused student whether the Investigator believes that the student is responsible or not for the alleged Code violation(s). Findings are based on preponderance of the evidence, meaning, “It is more likely than not” that a violation occurred.

Finding: Responsible

Learn about the three choices you can make regarding the Investigator’s Findings.


Student may accept responsibility for the alleged Code violation(s)

Request Findings

Student may request a formal letter outlining the findings and final sanctions before deciding how to proceed

Request Hearing

Student may immediately ask for a hearing on the alleged Code violation(s).

Finding: Not Responsible

(End of conduct process)