Students may be assigned to attend an educational workshop if they are found responsible for a violation of University policy or as part of an informal agreement.

Select the registration page for the workshop that you were assigned to attend. Please select a date that works best with your class schedule. No class absence excuse notes will be provided. Please make sure you select the correct workshop. If you attend the wrong workshop you will still be charged for both workshops.

Alcohol Education Workshop

This workshop encourages students to identify ways to make more responsible choices to avoid negative consequences of alcohol. The workshop reviews campus policy and city laws regarding alcohol usage as well as its effects on the mind and body.

Capstone Character Ethics and Values Workshop

In collaboration with the UA Career Center, this interactive two-hour workshop reviews integrity and the components of ethical decision-making.

Drug Education Awareness Workshop

This interactive one-hour workshop is specifically designed to provide an educational opportunity for students who are cited for a first time for possession of marijuana either in the community, on campus, or in the residence halls. The workshop reviews campus policy and state laws regarding marijuana as well as its effects on the mind and body.