The Alcohol and Other Drug Policy for Students provides information to educate students about the danger and harm that occurs with the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, in addition to their impact on the health and academic success of students.

I. Purpose

The University recognizes the danger and harm that occurs from the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) on the health and academic success of students. The purposes of this policy are to:

  • Serve as an educational tool regarding the minimum standards and expectations related to AOD for a safe campus environment
  • Promote a safe environment for student learning
  • Foster responsible decision making and identifying safe and legal uses regarding AOD
  • Inform the community of consequences of illegal and/or inappropriate use of AOD

II. Philosophy of Student Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

The University of Alabama is an institution of higher education which seeks to create a community that promotes respect, responsibility for actions, civility, upholds state and federal laws, and fosters an environment conducive to learning for members of the academic community. The misuse of alcohol and other drugs can hinder the University’s mission and its role in preparing students for responsible citizenship through appropriately focused educational, environmental and enforcement activities related to student health, safety and well being. Furthermore, this policy is supported by the UA Capstone Creed and the Code of Student Conduct with application to both individuals and student organizations.

The University recognizes that alcohol in and of itself is not an illegal substance, however, the abuse and misuse of alcohol and other drugs can cause significant harm to individuals and/or groups, the University community and the community at large. The University values a safe and welcoming community.

III. Jurisdiction

This policy applies to all students of the University community. The University affords itself the responsibility to intervene when students receive citations for alcohol and other drug consumption and possession both on and off campus. For this reason, students in violation of the alcohol and other drug policy will be adjudicated even when the incident occurs off The University of Alabama campus. The University of Alabama Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy, which applies to faculty and staff as well, reinforces this point.

IV. University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Statement For Students

The University of Alabama complies fully with federal, state and local laws regarding the possession, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages and other drugs. (For further information see Appendix A for a brief overview of some of these laws and Appendix B, Section IV and Attachments 1-3, for a more complete review of the applicable laws and penalties.)

A. Alcohol Policy For Students

The University of Alabama has established the following policy in regards to alcohol use by students of the University community.

Any alcohol served and consumed on The University of Alabama campus must be done in a safe and responsible manner.

Illegal Consumption

Individuals under 21 years of age are not permitted to consume alcohol or be in possession of alcohol. Alcohol paraphernalia (which includes but is not limited to: empty beer cans or bottles, shot glasses, etc.) are prohibited and considered a violation of policy. Individuals over the age of 21 may consume alcohol in designated areas on campus in a safe and responsible manner.

Improper Identification

It is unlawful and a violation of University Policy to use or possess identification that makes an individual appear older or misrepresents an individual as someone else

Strength of Alcohol

The consumption of any alcohol stronger than 80 proof is not permitted on campus

Serving/Distribution/Procurement of Alcohol

It is prohibited to serve or provide alcohol to individuals under 21. It is also a violation of this policy to knowingly allow an individual under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. Finally, the University prohibits UA students from serving someone alcohol who is visibly intoxicated, and/or pressuring an individual to use alcohol

Designated Locations regarding the use of alcohol

  1. University-owned locations where alcohol consumption is permitted:
    1. President’s Mansion, Paul Bryant Conference Center, Ferguson Center, Alumni Hall, Smith Hall, Gorgas House, University Club, and certain University Recreation facilities. All of these locations require individuals to follow the appropriate guidelines, and individuals must receive approval prior to the event. For the most current list of designated University locations where alcohol is permitted, see the Alcohol Policy. View the Grounds Use Alcohol Approval Form.
    2. The President, Provost, and Vice Presidents of the University may designate other sites as appropriate for the use of alcoholic beverages. All other locations (except those listed below) may be approved as appropriate locations for specific events at which alcoholic beverages may be served.
  2. Locations where alcohol is prohibited:
    1. The public use areas of Bryant Denny Stadium and all other athletic competition facilities are permanently restricted from any service or sale of alcoholic beverages.
    2. University Recreation prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages in its facilities unless explicitly noted in Appendix F to this policy or in the Alcohol Policy.

Use of common sources or tap systems

Common source and “tap” systems are prohibited except when licensed. This includes, but is not limited to, kegs, beer balls, and punch bowls being used to serve alcohol.

Drinking Games

Drinking games are prohibited on campus. The paraphernalia used to administer drinking games, or assist the user in ingesting alcohol at a fast rate are also prohibited.

Off-campus alcohol use

Student organizations who host a social event off-campus must comply with the Social Event Planning Guidelines (Appendix D). Students who violate federal, state and local laws off campus are still held accountable to The University of Alabama Office of Student Conduct.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is strictly prohibited on The University of Alabama campus and by students of The University of Alabama


Tailgating is a time-honored tradition at The University of Alabama. To keep this tradition alive and thriving, it is important that individuals adhere to the alcohol policy. Unattended tents and coolers are subject to inspection; any alcohol found will be confiscated. Public intoxication will not be tolerated; violators are subject to arrest.

B. Other Drugs Policy For Students

As members of The University of Alabama community, students have an obligation to uphold the Code of Student Conduct, as well as federal, state and local laws. The following define the University’s policies regarding drug use, excluding alcohol (see also UA’s Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy).

  1. Illegal Drugs: The University of Alabama prohibits illegal drugs on University property.
  2. Medications: Prescription drugs are permitted on campus if accompanied by an authentic medical prescription. The use and/or distribution of legal medication outside the parameters of the medical authorization is prohibited.
  3. Contraband: Drug paraphernalia, use, possession, sale, distribution and manufacturing are prohibited, except as permitted by law and Alcohol and Other Drug policy.
  4. Driving under the influence: Driving under the influence of drugs is prohibited.

V. Appendices for Further Detail in Selected Areas

Appendix A: Summary of State Alcohol Laws

Appendix B: UA Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy
Federal Trafficking Penalties
State of Alabama Controlled Substances/Marijuana Violations and Penalties
State of Alabama & Tuscaloosa City Code Alcohol Violations and Penalties

Appendix C: Code of Student Conduct

Appendix D: Social Event Planning Guidelines

Appendix E: UA Housing and Residential Communities Living Standards (Section 4 Substances)

Appendix F: Excerpts from University Recreation Policies re: Alcohol Use

Appendix G: Alcohol Policy (Associated with Grounds Use Policy)

Appendix H: Ferguson Center Alcohol Policy

Appendix I: Resources Available

NOTE: This policy applies to students of The University of Alabama. Faculty and staff should review The University of Alabama Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy.

(Approved May 22, 2012 by Drs. Bonner and Nelson; revised Fall 2014)