The Capstone Heroes Award is designed to recognize UA students, faculty, staff, student organizations and members of the community whose contributions to life at the Capstone reflect the values within the Capstone Creed.  Past recipients of the Capstone Heroes Award have demonstrated not only their commitment to improving the University community itself but also to improving the lives of individual community members.


  • Dr. Kangendo Mutua
  • Dr. Latrise Johnson
  • Sharron Skipper
  • Jama Mathis
  • Andrew Ash


  • Courtney Thomas
  • Valerie Levine


  • Dean Victoria Peeples
  • Parnab Daas
  • Obie Moultrie
  • Keaton Smith
  • Jessica Shieh


  • Dr. Gorman Houston
  • Cheryl Smith
  • Krystal Rivers


  • Lane McLelland
  • Allison Lockhart
  • Jerry Burtram
  • Erica Sucher
  • Tatiana Carrasquilla