Fall 2021 Capstone Character Workshop Summary: This workshop will be conducted through Zoom. In collaboration with the UA Career Center, this interactive two-hour workshop reviews integrity and the components of ethical decision-making. The workshop allows students to reflect on their specific situation, explore personal ethical decision-making, respect the rights of others, and encourage students to assume personal responsibility for their decision-making at UA.

You are required to have the Zoom video option turned on for the entirety of the meeting. Noncompliance with this request will be considered an absence. Please note that failure to appear at this Zoom meeting may result in a disciplinary hold being placed on your student account.

*There is a $100 programming fee for this workshop. This workshop fee can be billed to your student account, paid with debit/credit, or check. Cash or checks will not be accepted in person. Once you have registered course confirmation will be sent to the email address PROVIDED in the registration. Please allow 24 hours to receive this confirmation.

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