This provides only a general overview of the interim measures process. For more details, please refer to the Code of Student Conduct, which governs the conduct process.

The student may request a review of Interim Measures. A request for review should be made in writing within two (2) calendar days of the issuance of this letter. (Deadlines are calculated in accordance with Code of Student Conduct, Article III.(I.)1.: Computing Time.) Requests must be sent via email to the Office of Student Conduct email.

If the student does not seek review or improperly seeks review of Interim Measures, Interim Measures will be upheld, and the conduct process will proceed. (See Student Conduct Process for more information.)

Review Hearing

Student properly seeks review of Interim Measures. In most cases OSC will schedule an Interim Measures review hearing within five (5) calendar days.

The student may be accompanied by an advisor, at the student’s expense, during the hearing. The advisor may be an attorney. The advisor may advise, but cannot speak for the student. Hearing process:

  • Submission of information in support of Interim Measures.
  • Submission of information by the student as to why they feel that the Interim Measures should be removed or modified.
  • Dean of Students or designee may ask clarifying questions of the student and/or the Conduct Investigator.
  • Closing statement by Conduct Investigator
  • Closing statement by student


Dean of Students or designee will notify the Conduct Administrator of their decision regarding the Interim Measures within one business day. OSC will notify student of decision via the student’s campus email account.


Interim Measures are upheld. Conduct process proceeds with original interim measures in place.


Interim Measures are modified. Conduct process proceeds with modified interim measures in place.


Interim Measures are lifted. Student proceeds with conduct process with no interim measures in place.

See Student Conduct Process for next steps in the student conduct process.