In the Student Conduct Process, if a student has not yet accepted responsibility for the alleged code violation they may request a hearing on the alleged Code violation(s).

All official summons and notices will be emailed to the alleged/sanctioned student’s UA email account. Failure to meet OSC response deadlines and/or sanction deadlines will result in a hold being placed on the alleged/sanctioned student’s account. Deadlines are calculated in accordance with Code of Student Conduct, Article III.(I.)1.: Computing Time.


Student receives formal hearing notice. Notice contains hearing time/date/location and other information relevant to the hearing.

Student provides OSC with list of potential hearing witnesses, documents, and information. Student then receives list of all potential hearing witnesses via email. Student may request to see OSC hearing documents.

Hearing: Conduct Body reviews documents, statements, and testimony from alleged student and relevant individuals. Conduct Body deliberates and issues findings and sanctions, if any.

OSC Conduct Administrator communicates Conduct Body’s findings and, if necessary, sanctions to be imposed.


Not Responsible

(End of conduct process)


  1. Student requests review of findings and/or sanctions.
    1. Review
    2. Findings are upheld, modified, or overturned (End of conduct process)
  2. Student accepts findings, agrees to sanctions (End of conduct process)