In the Student Conduct Process, interim measures may be imposed.

This provides only a general overview of the interim measures process. For more details, please refer to the Code of Student Conduct, which governs the conduct process.


Interim Measures: Measures/Restrictions that are applied prior to a student’s hearing before the Conduct Body or a student’s acceptance of responsibility.

Interim measures may only be imposed:

  • to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the University community or preservation of University property;
  • to ensure a student’s own physical or emotional safety and/or well-being; or
  • if a student poses a definite threat of disruption of or interference with normal operations of the University.

Interim measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • a student being prohibited from living in any University residence hall or housing facility;
  • a student being prohibited from having access to any university facility or campus grounds;
  • a student being prohibited from attending classes or participating in any University functions or activities;
  • the suspension of a student’s ACTion card privileges

Though Interim Measures may be immediately applied upon the report of an alleged violation, alleged students will be afforded due process and rights of review as outlined by the Code of Student Conduct.


Office of Student Conduct (OSC) receives report of alleged Code of Student Conduct violation(s). Reports can come from UA officials, students, law enforcement, among others.

Determination is made about whether situation warrants imposing interim measures that will be in place for the duration of the conduct process.

Decision: Interim Measures

Interim Measures imposed. Formal notice of interim measures will be emailed to student’s UA email account or hand delivered via UAPD.

The student may request a review of Interim Measures. A request for review should be made in writing within two (2) calendar days of the issuance of this letter. (Deadlines are calculated in accordance with Code of Student Conduct, Article III.(I.)1.: Computing Time.) Requests must be sent via email to the Office of Student Conduct email. Learn more about Interim Measures review hearings.

Decision: No Interim Measures

No Interim Measures imposed. Student proceeds with conduct process. (See Student Conduct Process.)