Online Alcohol Education Course Summary: “Under The Influence” is an online course that encourages students to identify ways to make more responsible choices to avoid the negative consequences of alcohol. The course reviews city laws regarding alcohol usage as well as its effects on the mind and body. The goal of this course is to provide motivation to change drinking behaviors to include safer drinking or non-drinking habits. You must score at least 80% to pass the course. 

This interactive online course is specifically designed for first-time students who are cited for underage drinking, either in the community, on-campus, or in the residence halls, and students who are in violation of the alcohol policy at The University of Alabama.

*A follow-up discussion is required after completion of part 1 of the course. Please email Paula Perry at to schedule an appointment to discuss the assignment.

There is a $100 programming fee for this workshop. This fee can be billed to your student account, paid with debit/credit, or check. Cash or checks will not be accepted in person. Once you have registered course confirmation will be sent to the email address PROVIDED in the registration. Please allow 24 hours to receive this confirmation.

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