Capstone Character

Overview of the Workshop–This interactive 2 hr. workshop reviews integrity and the components of ethical decision-making. The goal of the workshop is to allow students to reflect on the specific situation that brought them to the workshop, to explore personal ethical decision-making, to help students develop moral attitudes and behavior to care for and respect the rights of others, and to encourage students to assume personal responsibility for their decisions. Student Conductstaff collaborates with the campus Career Center staff. The Career Center addresses how the decisions students make today, will affect their future and how having violations on their student or permanent record could decrease their chances of getting a good job. In addition, the Career Center staff discusses what qualities future employers look for in an employee.

This interactive workshop is specifically designed to provide an educational opportunity for students who violate policies pertaining to damage/destruction, theft, use/possession of fake ID, failure to comply with a disciplinary decision, and failure to observe policies that may or may not include alcohol charges.

There is a $100 programming fee for this workshop. This fee can be billed to your student account, paid with debit/credit, or check. Cash or checks will not be accepted in person. Once you have registered course confirmation will be sent to the email address PROVIDED in the registration. Please allow 24 hours to receive this confirmation.

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